We manage your site and marketing for you.

What you get with Sites for Schools

You build a solid online presence with an SEO-friendly homepage, unified and consistent social media, education-specific keywords, and local SEO.

We offer one package for all schools which is ¥67,000 per month. (Tax included.)

This Sites for Schools Branding and Site package includes:

  • Exclusivity - We only work with one school per ward in Tokyo
  • SEO-friendly website with hosting and monthly updates
  • Social Media Marketing, including Google Business Profile (GBP)
  • Early childhood education keyword marketing
  • Local SEO marketing

Building Your Schools Reputation

Does a preschool or kindergarten need a brand identity? Yes!

People open schools for lots of different reasons, not the least of which is to create a place where children get a great head start on their lives.

A private school, created with the interest of children in mind, is still a business that needs "customers" to survive. And having a good reputation is good for business.

A brand that reflects your value is a positive influence on prospective families.

The main idea of branding is to help people outside your school know how great it is inside your school.

Let's help new families learn how great it is in your school.


Schools in Tokyo's 23 Wards

To be fair with our marketing, we only work with one school per ward (Ku) in Tokyo.

Parents are looking for schools online, starting with the major search engines, and we center your school's marketing around the location.

Outside of Tokyo

We use a "geographic fence" of 20 km for schools outside Tokyo to ensure exclusivity.


Your school's website is the main component of your marketing plan. So your website needs to meet various requirements, such as fast loading speed, high accessibility scores, unique and accurate information, and structured data to appear in search results.

Your site will package includes:

  • Web site design and hosting
  • Monthly homepage updates
  • Accessibility auditing
  • Backups and data security updates
  • Privacy and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant analytics
  • Sitemap updates and submissions
  • Structured data in the site's code for better search engines indexing
  • Database of all of your content, media, and history of changes

Most importantly we do all of this without you having to ask.

Social Media and GBP

If used correctly, social media posting increases exposure and can help search engines learn more about your school.

However, it is crucial but often overlooked to tell search engines which social media accounts belong to your school. This process links your school, the homepage, and any social media accounts you use.

GBP - Google Business Profile

In one recent survey, up to 77% of searches end on Google Maps when searching for local businesses. Gain control of your results in Google Maps through your Google Business Profile (formerly, Google My Business.)

Google Maps listings are often at the top of search engine results pages above paid and organic searches.

ECE Keyword Marketing

Early Childhood Education is a vast field with different pedagogy and diverse methods influenced by region, history, and cultures.
As an international school in Japan, you are competing with other international schools and Japanese schools.

Writing your school copy (the text on your homepage) to accurately reflect your school values and teaching styles is essential in reaching prospective parents. It also makes it easy for search engines to parse and correctly categorize your school.

Also, depending on your school's mission, your school copy may need to appeal to audiences in multiple languages.

Sites for Schools does copy editing and copywriting for your school in English and copy editing in Japanese. Please ask us about other languages.

Local SEO

Did you know your search for "international schools" will show different results than mine?

Search engines and search algorithms are constantly evolving, and the latest significant change in search is "location."

"Local SEO," or Local Search Engine Optimization, is the process of managing your homepage assets to show up in local search results.

Search engines use various data points, including your location, language settings, search history, etc., to deliver the most relevant results for you.

That means two people standing next to each other and searching the same terms on their phones might see different results.

Hand in hand with Early Childhood Education keyword marketing, Local SEO helps your school show up in search results for parents looking for schools like yours.

DIY vs Getting Help

One of the most significant differences between DIY and getting help is cost.

If considering cost, then doing it yourself is the better option. With tried and tested WordPress installs or one of the newer no-code options, getting a site up yourself has never been cheaper.

But why is it so cheap? What are you giving up to get that great price?

The cost is search engine results.

Poorly maintained no-code sites and outdated Wordpress installs may ultimately be costing you new students.

Another significant difference is the time it takes to maintain a solid online presence.

You might be delighted with the site you built using "no-code" tools. But do you know how it performs "under the hood?" Do you know how search engines are parsing your site? And when something doesn't work as expected, how long does it take you or your staff to fix it?

New website builders seem great and cost-effective, but unfortunately, they underperform, especially in a competitive field in a competitive city.

Getting help from Sites for Schools means you and your staff save that time and energy to focus on your school and prepare to meet new families that want to visit and join.